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Smile On Fridays secured coverage in Infosecurity Magazine for Red Canary

One look at the latest headlines and the prevailing cybersecurity threat becomes abundantly clear. In the last few weeks alone, we witnessed a consequential ransomware attack on a major US fuel pipeline, an attack on Ireland’s National Health Service, and more recently, the world’s largest meat processing company took a hit. According to Red Canary’s State of Incident Response Report, 93% of organizations have suffered at least one security incident that compromised data in the last 12 months.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of new opportunities created by the pandemic and a drastic shift to remote working. Suddenly, security teams are scrambling to migrate to the cloud and manage the onslaught of personal devices newly introduced to the corporate IT environment. Indeed, a report by SailPoint revealed that 1 in 3 US employees are using their own computer and smartphone to facilitate remote work.

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